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Associated Nursery Farms CO.VI.L. - Lucania Nurserymen Consortium
Producers of fruit, citrus, olive, grapevine, ornamental and forestry certified trees



CO.VI.L., Lucania Nurserymen Consortium, was founded by the most representative nursery farms in Lucania Region in January 1999.
CO.VI.L. aim is qualification and improvement of nursery productions through a severe application of local and European certification protocols of plant productions.
Mother block growing fields to assure genetic and health stability of plants, new variety patent management, production planning and marketing, technical advice services are also CO.VI.L. aims.

CO.VI.L. associated farmers are assisted by specialized agronomists and supported by Phytosanitary Diagnostic Laboratory of the Metapontum Agrobios Research Center.

CO.VI.L. associated farmers cover about 25 hectares fields, 5 of which covered with greenhouses and shaded areas, where they produce annually about half million scions of stone fruits, 60,000 grafted olive plants, 200,000 citrus plants and several thousands of ornamental and forestry plants.


CO.VI.L. associated farmers produce genetically and phytosanitary certified plants, starting from propagation material – budwoods, buds and seeds - coming from Mother Blocks.
CO.VI.L. mother blocks are grown following Voluntary Certification Protocol and are acknowledged and regularly monitored by local Phytosanitary Advice Service of Basilicata Region.


Plants grown in COVIL nurseries follow a C.A.C. (Conformitas Agraria Communitatis) standard improved by Regional production protocols dealt by Phytosanitary Advice Service of Basilicata Region, that indicate a precise “QUALITY PATHWAY ” more severe than the common CAC rules, including traceabilty of stocks from propagation materials to labeled plants for sale.
COVIL is member of CIVI-ITALIA, that manages technical and logistic features of National Voluntary Certification.
COVIL plants are commercialized on local, European and global markets.

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CO.VI.L. - Via Enrico Mattei, 28 – 75020 Scanzano Jonico (Matera) · ITALY -
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